MCore FTS LLC was founded in the spring of 2006 by Todd Gates. Todd is a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS) with over eight years of experience working at the collegiate level across UMass Boston, Rutgers University and Boston College. The idea for a new type of training station arose from his own problem solving in the weight room.

While working with his athletes he became frustrated with the limitations of the traditional weight bench. He needed a piece of equipment that was more versatile and adjusted to fit all of his athletes. However, the standard exercise bench did not accomplish this so he decided to create a product that did.

Todd specified that the bench must adjust horizontally and vertically so he would no longer have to use plates to get his athletes in the right body positions for certain exercises. More importantly, he wanted a bench that targeted engaged your core at all times because the foundation of all movement starts with your core.

The result, was the TS1 (Training Station 1) which was fully adjustable, adapted to the user and required your core and leg muscles to be engaged in order to maintain postural integrity and stay on the bench. Over the last several years Todd has made significant improvements to the bench which has put it into a class of its own.