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MCore TS3

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The path to maximizing your workout. This training station gives you the foundation for building a stronger you.

•  Fully adjustable horizontally and vertically.

•  Can perform over 200 upper and lower body exercises.

•  100% Core Engagement.

•  Great for Individual or Group Workouts and Circuit Training

•  X-Base for Maximum Stability.

•  Horizontal Seat Adjustment: 30, 45 and 90 degrees in both directions.

•  Vertical Seat Adjustment 20"- 27" inches.

•  Two tightening knobs stabilize the seat and the training station.

•  Four handles for band exercises

•  Two wheels allows for easier portability

•  Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs

•  Equipment upholstered with heavy-gauge Boltaflex Colorguard vinyl for resistance to scuffing, perspiration,
bacteria and stains.



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Don't overlook the power of Dips. The MCore Dip bar is lightweight, adjustable and inserts directly into the TS3 X-Base.

Dips are a great CKC (Closed Kinetic Chain) "functional" exercise which calls to action multiple muscle groups including triceps, biceps, deltoids, pectorals, lats, abdominals and your lower back for stabilization.

•  Vertical Adjustment

•  Wide angle bar allows for multiple grip options


Light (yellow), Medium (red), Heavy (blue), Very Heavy (green)

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Slastix Bands are a great way to add another dimension to your individual, group or circuit training. MCore Slastix Bands come with carabiner clips on both ends and are the nucleus of all the accessories designed to accommodate multiple upper and lower body exercises.

Attach one end to a secure anchor point and the other to a training vest, training belt, hand held accessory or Rotational Bodyweight Training System™ to develop explosive power, strength, and speed!

•  18" inches in length

•  Carabiner end clips for a variety of attachment options

•  Variying resistance loads


Select Resistance:

BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

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Bosu Pro Balance Trainer Currently used in health, fitness, sports conditioning and rehabilitation facilities, and known industry-wide for training balance, building strength, fine tuning skills for sport, enhancing flexibility, and delivering killer cardio workouts, the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer challenges the entire body with integrated, multi- joint movement that requires muscle groups to work together.

Use the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer dome or platform side down, combine it with other equipment, or use it as a stand-alone product to make any exercise fun, challenging, and effective.

•  Workouts and Circuit Training and available in blue with “Made in the USA” logo, light grey rim, and a black, dually over molded platform for extra strength with a smooth, non- skid, non-marking base.

•  Includes BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer, foot pump, trilingual owner’s manual and BOSU® Integrated Balance Training Manual and DVD

•  Product diameter – 65cm or 26"

•  Maximum user weight limit 350lbs



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Whether you want to increase your power and explosiveness or want to improve your joint and muscle strength, the MCore Plyo Top is designed to adjust to you.

It fully adjusts vertically from 14"-22" in height. Simply swap out the seat pad from the TS3 X-Base, insert the MCore Plyo Top and you've created another dimesnion to your training.

•  Vertical Adjustment: 14"-22"

•  Pull Pin +Tightening • Knob for added stability

• Weight: 27lbs

• Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs



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Core Bar Training is excellent for improving flexibility, core strength, and stamina to name a few.

The MCore Training Bar takes the Core Bar a step further by adding D-rings on both ends for slastix bands which allows the user to perform a variety of upper and lower body exercises.

•  3-Ft Long

•  D-Rings for Slatix Band Attachments

•  Foam Padding for comfort