I would highly recommend the MCore TS3 to anyone who is motivated to work out, but has either limited space in their home or apt and/or limited time to work out at home and wants to really maximize their workouts away from the gym.† I am so happy I made the decision to purchase the bench for home.† I had already used it in the past at 24Hr Fitness and knew it would be exactly what I needed to mix up my routine when working out away from a gym.

When deciding on what to purchase, I could have went with a treadmill, elliptical or cross-trainer, but the bench is so compact and versatile, it enables me to work all different parts of my body and it makes a much more substantial impact than other fitness machines. In addition, for those of us who lead very busy lives, you donít need to carve out loads of time.† You could spend 15-20 minutes on the bench and feel you made a contribution to your workout and energized also. †Itís become such a valuable part of my workout routine in the mornings and/or evenings, itís motivated me to stay on track and Iím excited to learn additional exercises and expand my knowledge base.† Iím really a huge supporter of this product!

Dayna Corlito – Customer

Iíve had the opportunity to train, using MCore's product, for more than three years now. Rather than attempt to incorporate it into my workouts, I find that it incorporates itself. Exercises that were always intuitive but difficult to put into action given the constraints of existing equipment have become possible for me using this very simple, and ergonomic device.

With all the complicated and overpriced exercise machines on the market today, it is nice to see fitness return to its roots.

To quote Leonardo da Vinci, ďsimplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Ē †

Demetri Kofinas – Customer

We have been using MCore's Functional Bench at Providence College for 6 years.† It is an extremely versatile and durable product †Ėoffering the user an unlimited array of exercises ranging in scope and difficulty from sports performance to rehabilitation while also able to withstand daily use by high level Division I collegiate athletes.

Itís effectiveness and applicability is only limited by the creativity of the strength coach. †Competing at the highest level of intercollegiate sports in the toughest conference in the country demands that I purchase and use the best equipment available for my student-athletes.† The MCore Functional Training Bench surely fits this criteria.

Kenneth White
Head Strength Coach, Providence College, Big East Conference

The MCore TS3 is personally the best piece of equipment I have ever used. Itís a must have for any size facility mainly because of its versatility and small footprint. It has replaced many of my larger pieces opening up a lot more floor space so now my facility Ďlooksí bigger than it really is.

In terms of performance, my clients now have improved core strength and stability and I have also been able to achieve better gluteal activation thus reducing lower back fatigue and pain whilst simultaneously increasing strength and power output .

In addition, I have received great product support and have been very lucky to be trained personally by the president Mr. Todd Gates whose knowledge has really expanded my exercise selection and product application. I will give up many other pieces before I give up this bench.

Jason Nelson CPT, CES, PES